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DJK Window Cleaning could well be the best window cleaner Cardiff has to offer. We clean windows all across Cardiff.

DJK Window Cleaning Cardiff

DJK Window Cleaning. Outstanding Window Cleaner Cardiff

A clean and well-maintained property can enhance the appearance and sellability of your home. It also projects a positive image to those who see it. One of the most overlooked aspects of property maintenance is window cleaning.

Regular window cleaning will ensure that your building always looks its best. It makes a positive impression on those who see it. We clean windows all across the Cardiff area. ​

Window Cleaning Cardiff. Before and After. Green moss removed on Window Sill.
Window Cleaner Cardiff. Water fed brush cleaning window with pure water in the Cardiff area

Why Choose DJK Cleaning Services?


We guarantee exceptional and remarkable work. No matter which type of property or premises – commercial or residential.


Our services are reasonably priced and won’t strain your finances. Building and maintaining long-term relationships is of utmost importance to us


We consistently adhere to our commitments and arrive at the designated time as promised.


Clean and well-maintained properties are often more desirable and have a higher value. Regular window cleaning is an important aspect of property maintenance. Your property may even become more valuable.

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